Safety Seminars

Smarter Equals Safer.

When it comes to workplace safety, there’s no such thing as being too informed. That’s why Brady offers training solutions focused on your industry needs and what we do best: GHS/HazCom, Lockout/Tagout and Confined Spaces. 

Safety Training and Seminars

From on-site Safety Service Seminars to webinars and implementing in-house safety programs, Brady offers the continued education necessary to make your team a well-oiled, well-informed machine.

Brady Client Services Safety Training

Your Training Your Way

Safety training is only one aspect of our seminars. The other is getting your employees involved to help you create and sustain a safe, productive workplace. Brady Client Services offers a variety of continued education opportunities for your team, including instructor-led seminars, train-the-trainer seminars and custom training programs. Each of these are performed by Brady’s engagement manager with over 18 years of field-based environmental health and safety consulting and solutions experience.

Let us help you refresh your training programs by presenting information in a way that captures employee attention to keep them engaged and ensure they retain the material.

Safety Training and Seminars Cover:

  • LOTO: Authorized, Affected and Other
  • HazCom/GHS: Train-the-Trainer
  • Confined Space Permittal and more

Require training, but don’t see the topic you are interested in above? Contact us today to see how our expertise spans over a variety of compliance, safety and best practice topics.



 Are you prepared for GHS? These sessions provide a member of your staff with the information and materials necessary to train other employees on OSHA’s new GHS requirements.