Field Services

Because Nothing Is more important than safety.

Creating a safe and compliant workplace is a continuous activity with many different moving parts. Our team will partner with you and help you create a realistic plan to enable successful management of change within your workplace to ensure you not only complete your progress, but that the progress sticks for years to come.

Safety Service where you need it most

Our work doesn't just happen behind a desk – It can’t. We work with you to create a defined project scope, and meet you in the field, where the work needs to happen. 

Whether it is for a Visual Workplace Audit, Installation of Safety Visuals, Procedure Writing or Safety Training, we customize your service and meet you in the field to work with your team.

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Beginning, evaluating and improving upon your Visual Workplace is a large undertaking. Our engagement specialists, experts in compliance, safety and best practice requirements utilize a continuous improvement approach to enhancing your facility and utilize our proprietary audit application to provide a detailed report including facility photos, gaps in your visual workplace and product recommendations.


Let us do the work, so you can continue to focus on what you do best. From pipe marking and signage to floor marking, painting and kaizen painting, we install the necessary tools for your workplace needs. Paired with our Visual Workplace Audit Service, our clients are able to employ a turn-key solution from audit to products to final installation. 


We aid you in your kaizen and lean events, or help you in creating a model area or cell. Our engagement specialists come on-site with Brady printers and materials and help you by creating labels and guiding you through the necessary visuals for your facility.


This one-of-a-kind workshop combines regulatory training and GHS (Globally Harmonized System) label creation to help you and your team become GHS champions, meet OSHA's GHS  implementation requirements and sustain in-house compliance. 


Writing procedures/profiles requires time from your employees, as well as machine-specific and regulatory knowledge and experience. Brady Client Services provides sustainable solutions for lockout/tagout, confined spaces and more.

Our Field Engineers author over 26,000 procedures annually, helping our clients not only remain compliant, but also keep their employees safe. But it doesn't stop there. Our Field Engineers:

- Evaluate facility and machine specific needs while on-site

- Author best practice, visual procedures/profiles that are laminated (14mm) and installed in the field

- Install corresponding energy source tags (isolation points)

- Train key client stakeholders on the procedure system and regulatory requirements (based on client’s needs)

Paired with our LINK360® software Brady’s procedure creation and management tool, our clients are able to successfully sustain their procedures in-house.

Annual Lockout Procedure Audit

Beyond initial lockout procedure creation, OSHA 1910.147(c)(6)(i) requires that companies audit their lockout procedures annually. This ensures that procedures are accurate and safely navigate an authorized employee through denergization of machinery and equipment in order to perfrom maintenance. Let our team save you time and resources and perform your Annual Lockout Procedure Audit to help you ensure your procedures are error-free and ready for employee use.

Lockout Machine Inventory Service

You cannot effectively create your OSHA required lockout procedures without knowing what equipment and machinery is in your facilities. Save both time and resources and let us help you jumpstart the process by creating a standardized lockout equipment list. This lockout equipment list can be easily imported in to our LINK360® software to help you create your visual lockout procedures and set up your sites.

Annual Confined Space Procedure Audit

Although it is not OSHA mandated to annually audit confined space procedures, OSHA does require companies to keep their confined space program and proecdures up to date. To achieve this, companies have adopted annual confined space procedure audits - similar to the requirements for lockout procedures. Brady's Annual Confined Space Procedure audit will help you ensure your procedures are up to date and that your employees are safely entering your confined spaces.

Confined Space Inventory & Classification Services

Confined spaces can not be accurately regulated within your safety program if they are not properly identified and classified. This includes determining where your confined spaces are and if they are permit or non-permit required confined spaces. Let our safety team collaborate with your internal team to help you identify and classify your on-site confined spaces.


An informed shop floor is a safe shop floor, and when it comes to safety procedures, regulation and training there's no such thing as too much information. We focus our safety training on the topics that affect our customers most: HazCom/GHS, Lockout/Tagout and Confined Spaces. In addition we understand safety training and programs are not one size fits all and customize the training to your specific programs, policies and safety procedures to enable trainees to take the information from their safety training and successfully apply in within their everday workplace.

From on-site employee training to train-the-trainer seminars and custom training programs, our team of safety and operational trainers will help you refresh your safety program to help your employees retain information critical to keeping themselves, their coworkers and your workplace safe and compliant.

Training options include:

- HazCom/GHS

- Lockout/Tagout for Authorized Employees

- Lockout/Tagout for Affected Employees

- Permit-Required Confined Space Entry

-And More!