Visual Workplace Audits

 A Manageable approach to the visual workplace.

A highly visual workplace utilizes compliance, regulatory and best practice  directives to help employees understand their workplace environment. Let our safety professionals assess your current state and help you improve employee safety and mitigate risk.

Visual Workplace audits

Our Visual Workplace Audits are performed by safety practitioners and provide personalized consultation on how to take a continuous improvement approach to improving your visual workplace. They come on-site and complete a detailed audit report including facility photos, custom and stock product recommendations and pins displaying where the product should be installed.

The end result: You’ll know exactly how to turn your facility into a safer workplace – one that avoids confusion, downtime and injury by utilizing a realistic plan from safety professionals.

Visual Workplace Audits- Brady Client Services

Audit Services Overview

Performed by our in-house safety practitioners (engagement specialists), our Visual Workplace Audits will help you understand how to integrate at-a-glance communication such as safety signage, electrical hazard signage and pipe markers into your facility to improve employee understanding and information retention. The on-site facility evaluation provides a summary of realistic, sustainable solutions to enable a manageable approach to developing your visual workplace. 

On-Site and In Depth

Brady’s safety practitioners scope every project to help accurately define the audit goals. We do this to ensure that we are creating the best-fit, realistic plan for our customers and to set them up for success. Our engagement specialist will then come on-site to the client’s facility and assess the issues covered under the pre-determined scope. Brady engagement specialists complete this process by utilizing Brady’s proprietary audit application that allows them to create detailed documentation of their findings, including facility and area photos.

Once the audit is complete, the client will receive a detailed audit report that includes facility photos, numbered pins showing points of install and product recommendations (signage, etc). The engagement specialist will review the report with the client to discuss their findings and recommendations on how to continually improve their facility. Most importantly, once the audit report is in your hands, Brady has the products and installation services to create a sustainable solution for your business needs.

Audit scope can include topics such as:

- PPE Signs (General Facility & Specific Workstations)

- Fire Protection Equipment Identification

- Exit & Egress Routes (Signage, Floor Markings, Assembly Areas, etc)

- First Aid Equipment Identification

- Confined Space Signs

- General Hazard Identification Signs

- Traffic Control Identification

- Electrical Hazard Identification

- Security/Site Access Signs